We understand the complexities that can arise in landlord tenant agreements, and we help clients navigate these issues that can be difficult and multi-faceted.

The attorneys at Valanzola law advise clients through a wide range of leasing issues and challenges that may present themselves in your transaction, whether you are an individual, owner or developer. We represent landlords and tenants, leasing retail space in shopping centers, mixed use buildings and office buildings. We’ll keep an eye out for your interests through every aspect of the process, ensure that the applicable contracts fully protect your interests, and address any questions you may have.

We have experience in both commercial and residential leasing agreements. This includes extremely complex agreements for large landlords in the Boston area and numerous States across the Country. We have negotiated many agreements and represented landlords in an array of landlord-tenant issues including but not limited to evictions, complex commercial and retail leases, and mixed-use leases.