Zoning and Land Use

The attorneys at Valanzola Law Group will help clarify and bring to resolution any zoning issues that may arise. We provide strategic counsel when it comes to zoning issues such as compliance, variances, permits.

Our attorneys provide zoning “due diligence”, so that clients have a clear understanding of how a given property may be used or developed “by-right,” or the type of permits and approvals that are needed and/or can be utilized to increase a property’s use or development potential, and its value.

We have experience successfully obtaining land use approvals, including special permits, site plan approvals and variances in various municipalities. We work with the appropriate town or city agencies, town/city boards and elected officials, to expeditiously guide our clients through the public review processes required for such approvals, to ensure approval.

We have experience identifying creative interpretations of applicable by-laws and ordinances. The firm also has extensive experience litigating land use and zoning cases in the Land Court and Superior Courts in Massachusetts.