Matt Valanzola: Profile of a Local Attorney with a Citywide Vision

Matt Valanzola, a partner of the award winning law firm, Valanzola Law Group, got his start in the real estate industry managing and developing commercial real estate projects in downtown Boston. Matt has been based in the up and coming neighborhood of Jeffries Point in East Boston for over 10 years, across the water from major Seaport developments. From there he enjoys a unique vantage point that combines local understanding with a citywide vision. His personal philosophy can be summed up by the truth that, “everyone’s got to start somewhere”, which leads to the conclusion that there is a solution for every problem, whether large or small.

Matt does the majority of his work in Boston and the surrounding neighborhoods, including Roslindale, Jamaica Plain and West Roxbury. He serves clients throughout Massachusetts and maintains deep roots in Mansfield and the surrounding communities.

From developers who need assistance with real estate transactions, zoning and land use, to companies embarking on commercial real estate leases to residential real estate closings for first time buyers, Matt Valanzola believes that legal intervention is sought at points when it’s most critical for businesses and individuals, either when the unexpected happens (such as after an accident or injury), or when it’s time to buy a house, start a business or commence an important project.

We encounter the law during some of the most critical points of our lives: marriage, losing a loved one, after a serious accident, buying a house or starting a business. That’s why legal assistance should be both accessible and empowering for individuals and businesses, providing flexible yet long-range solutions with the focus on servicing clients on a personal and individual basis, which allows clients to move forward with assurance and peace of mind” – Matt Valanzola.

Sometimes legal assistance is necessary when planning for the future, such as when starting a business or planning a financial legacy. Other times, the unexpected may happen, and a real estate project runs into zoning and permitting issues or a business experiences a sudden legal dilemma. Either way, Matt Valanzola approaches every case with the understanding that each of life’s transitions can be managed when assistance is personalized to the needs of the individual or business. Matt enjoys providing clients with security and peace of mind during these transitions. If legal advice is sought at the outset of a project, Matt puts his business and legal experience to work to help clients lay secure foundations for any business venture, real estate deal or financial plan.

Published on October 12, 2017