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What’s New with Boston’s Big Amazon Bid

Boston seemed a shoe-in for the Amazon HQ when the city was announced as one of the 20 finalists earlier this year. Where are we in August 2018? Though Boston still leads with a talented workforce, it may be flagging when it comes to infrastructure, cost and funding. It seems incentives aren’t on the agenda…

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How to Avoid the Most Common Reasons for Mortgage Rejections

A Federal Reserve study covering millions of mortgage applications revealed the three most common reasons for mortgage loan application rejections. As would be expected, credit scores and credit histories were at the top, while valuation issues were at number three. The top reason why mortgage applications are rejected is flunking the debt-to-income (DTI) test. During…

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Your Poor Credit Score May Be Undeserved

Anyone who wants a mortgage knows that credit score is king. But as many people are starting to realize, credit-scores are more of a guideline than an exact science. It may not be possible to get it exactly right, but if there was a way of scoring consumers more fairly, surely it would be widely…

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